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    Happy Birthday!

    Okay. It’s your birthday. Your first birthday since I have known you. Umm let me start with this : "You are my sister from another mother." Sounds cheesy?? I agree! You know how they say that love just happens I think they have it wrong. I realized this when I met you at a new place. Now I know it's friendship that happens out of blue. From numerous possible possibilities I could have chosen while I tried to fit in to the new city, I think I chose the best possibility. Although you know how bad I am when it comes to judging people, this judgement was actually right.
    And just meeting wasn't the only stroke of luck I had with you because with you stroke of luck isn't a thing. I think you are a gift(I know I know....little overboard but it's your birthday so we can let this slide.) I have reasons for it. Yessss! Reasons not "reason"!
    I can share music and lyrics with you (how freaking rare is that!!) And don't get me started on us talking about artist in the industry (the hot and drool worthy ones, their drama and how our favourites have always been the “perfect” humans! Did I mention about how we are afraid to admit publically that Beyoncé is overrated!! Make fun of some, adore some and hate some "together”!)
    I have a friend I can have late night strolls with and discuss some serious issues apart from our usual crap, discover new places and food with and most importantly explore the humorous as well as the intellectual side of me because very few people have seen the both.