• iamroman 9w

    The Love Story

    A million girls walking the earth
    A thousand friends I have
    A hundred I really vibe with
    But my eyes still see only one person,you

    Earth having a lot of fruits
    Different shapes and sizes
    A lot of which taste really good to the tongue
    I love this fruit in particular and that fruit is you

    A million miles to get to you now
    This distance just tarnishing my dreams
    Just want you to know that if I have to travel the ocean or take that 30 hour flight just to get to you
    I am coming home tonight

    Love is really an awesome great word
    It truly takes two to give this four letter word a meaning
    Still hoping to see you soon despite the slow rate of the second hand moving
    The thoughts of you only carrying me on smoothly
    In this mood of ecstasy, you'll forever be my red rose