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    Here is the autobiography of the cloud!
    My colour is white
    I am extremely bright
    I dwell at the widest place
    And takeover all the space
    I am puffy and soft as a pillow
    Within me resides intense sorrow
    I change from bunnies to elephants
    And increase the amusements
    I float and roam whole day
    With my friends merrily i play
    At times of my intense pain
    I shower my tears in forms of rain
    And is rejoiced by the thirsting flowers
    And fulfill their desired powers
    The tears of the seas
    I absorb it with my abilities
    Sometimes for the bride ' sun' i act as a veil
    Hide her face and save it from getting pale
    The kite loves playing with me
    At a very utmost degree
    I am scattered each and everywhere
    And i am also very extraordinaire
    Everyone had dreamed to sleep upon me
    Everyone had dreamed to float like me
    Sometimes my colour turns to extreme black
    When possess by the demon i turn to maniac
    And expose the wrathful thunder
    Unexpectedly cause an immense blunder
    When the sun shines too much brightly
    I accidentally cause a catastrophe
    Which never can be blocked by me
    Yes i am the cloud
    I express it with proud
    I also fall on land in forms of dissolved rains
    When i am in immense sorrow and in intense pain
    Without any doubt
    I say it aloud
    I am the mightiest called 'CLOUD'
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    The mightiest called 'cloud'