• silverrlining 5w

    After a long fight of 109 days,
    She emerged a loser..
    Her wings were severely damaged
    Her legs, burnt..
    Her face was like a crushed mirror,
    Which had nothing,
    But broken expressions
    To reflect..

    She gave herself a quick hug,
    Well, her eyes have not yet given way.
    Her hands, though cut, and bled profusely,
    It still had a broken piece of
    Unfortunate image..

    She didn't need any matches
    To light up the candle
    Coz that evening,
    The red Sun still, was by her side,
    And the black birds found their way
    Back to the soft corner
    In her messy hair,
    Where once, his fingers would slide into..

    That book had its pages torn
    And the remaining pages were blank, totally
    As if she was to tell anything with her wounded lips,
    And the pain in her would pen it down..

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #lostlove #soul #broken

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