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    Once upon eternity
    Creation penned down a poem
    Born from chaos and clad with mystery
    A poem spanning infinity
    Titled "The Universe"

    Its verses housed everything
    And nothing simultaneously
    Dark voids marked
    Its obscure stanzas
    Yet still they brimmed with
    Celestial secrets
    Prompting many an epiphany

    Its metaphors and rhymes
    Recite forgotten tales
    Like the starcrossed love
    of the sun and moon
    And sing eulogies in gloom
    For lost planets scorched aflame
    In ancient colliding games

    Human beings can fathom
    Only but a fragment of this
    Cosmic poem

    Bejeweled creatures, bewitching sunrise
    Fire bleeding dusk and
    Raindrop spun skies
    Are but specks of beauty
    In creation's poetry

    Rest of her archaic verses
    Remain shrouded in enigma
    Our world composed by her pen
    We are no heroes nor monarchs
    In creation's resplendent sky
    We'll only ever be
    A twinkle in her eye

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    Creation and her poetry

    Bejeweled creatures,
    Bewitching sunrise
    Fire bleeding dusk and
    Raindrop spun skies
    ~specks of beauty
    in creation's poetry