• arabia 22w

    Why there's always a sudden ache in the heart? The pain of loosing people, the pain of not having ur mom around whenever u see a mom-child Duo, the pain of not having ur elder brother when u need guidance and when I suffer eve teasing, the pain of not having my father's wife whenever he suffers loneliness, the pain of not having a mother when ur younger brother raises the question about mom, the pain of not being able to give any answers to my conscience.
    Everytime I console myself that everything is going to be better, good things take time.
    But why everytime god is too late? There are many questions but no answers provided.
    There's not even a single night when my eyes didn't shed the tears, there's not a single moment when a part of me doesn't breaks, but still everyone suggests to be strong, I try very hard to cope up with every hurdle but nothing changes, I tend to hide my sadness behind my endless laughter and humour but my heart never feels complete, it hurts and it hurts so deep but still everytime I shatter ,I recollect myself and put that smile on and move forward with life hoping that the next day will bring some inner peace and I will be freed from myself.