• shoaib_malik 10w

    My early years of life,
    Watching my clothes,
    My feet and my hands,
    Wondering about everything,
    The questions in my mind,
    Those confused me everytime,
    One day!My head was on mom's lap,
    She was singing some rhymes,
    I started questioning her,
    She answered me line by line,
    Why only here am I?
    Because it was creator's will,
    What is this place called?
    Round shaped earth, my son,
    Of whom is this bright shine?
    Its of the big sun,call it sunshine.
    What are we doing here?
    Helping and respecting others.
    Why are these birds crying?
    Singing,my son,just seems to be crying
    About how long will we survive?
    Till the creator wills to,
    And when do will we die?
    When the creator wills to,
    So how our creator looks like?
    He resides everywhere,but is invisible.
    Oh! Why cant we see him?
    What is the reason behind?
    Oh dear!try to clearly see that sun,
    Then only wish to see its creator behind.