• sameoldasshole 22w

    I always win

    There you go again. Believing I'm your friend. I love you but fuck you now I'm on the mend. Never again will you pretend, or lie to me. I hope your happy being lonely, depressed, and dying silently. I am death. You're almost to the point of having nothing left. Fool. You should have been wise. Or fucking kind of tried. Now it's on you and your greed is denied. Weep for your self. Cry if it helps. I'm done with the dumb thoughts that you can change into what's best. Maybe, one day hopefully you'll save your soul and accept my love that'll make you whole. I'll love you forever but the fact remains the longer your apart from me the more the dark tethers to your heart. I am the dark and I need my bride. Death becomes victory but we only both win when we bough die. #love #you