• kashyap_vinit9 6w

    So one fine evening when horizon was reddish yellow ,she asked me :-

    So what have you learnt from the life till now you spend ?

    But why to learn anything by ourselves when people around me taught a lot .
    Said confidential.

    What does it mean ?? they taught you till now !? Very surprisingly she stopped me .

    Since my school and college days many came and go with reason and went without reason. So when they went I found myself in a middle void and again and again I did start my journey from there to happiness and things gone vice-versa.

    Your life seems so tragic and an hidden pain inside you !?
    I guess she exclaimed.

    No. not so tragic.
    It's full of versatile character with false masquerade on their face.
    You said it Tragic ,I refer it to as Frantic.