• rightcalling 5w

    #Poetrywednesday #Lovelife #Equally #Heartfelt ��

    Let the world be remain the heartless, be apart, hurt less and learn the music from hearing the waves in your heartfelt essence!

    Let the music come from nature as it is, learn with its offering tender lyrics & vivid features, since my feelings are ever willing to go through buffering!

    The waves of my dreams are knocking me to change without prior notice, the people of the world change for others frequently, but never fast for themselves absolutely.

    Sometimes we forget to change our thinking, but seasons are reminding us to refrain from shrinking; let go through the changing pattern of breathtaking!✨

    If inspiration comes from hindrance, so how does it feel through winter in thinking about the interference of reverberation?

    #halfmoon #warmhearts #burn #earn #welcomewinter #freshthoughts #thenewme #habitpoem ���� ��✨����⏰

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