• sham_14 9w

    The Mysterious Guest.

    2020 began with a great zest,
    Knowing the presence of a mysterious guest.
    The magic had already begun in 2019,
    Absence of precautions were often seen.
    The mystery got complicated day by day,
    Doctors and scientists failed to find any way.
    Quarantine became another unpredictable zest,
    Who knew this will be the best time to rest.
    The guest entered and shook many of the handlers,
    A ray of hope emerged from the diyas and the candles.
    The unseen venturesome warriors side by side,
    Are still fighting to handle the fright.
    Many of the coffins are helding up,
    The doors of the houses are all shut.
    The ignominy of some people is immutable,
    The levity of the rules is truly considerable.
    The reason behind this guest is still a mystery,
    Nothing has been obtained even after reading the history.
    There are many more problems to deal,
    One day the Earth will definitely heal.....
    The Earthians are hopeless and wrapped in a mournful gown,
    Why don't they understand it's a phase of life they need to calm down.