• shaibu 10w

    I'm sick but fit. I'm cold but feeling the heat
    Whenever my love hits. Making my emotions meet.
    and giving my soul a treat.
    The sweetness in the pain of your love has caused a soothing vibration in my heart. Yaa Rasuulullahi!
    Completely absorbed I become when I think about your beauty and the beauty in your beauty.
    Assalaamu Alaika yaa Rasuulullahi the fountain of love.
    Assalaamu Alaika yaa rasuulullahi, the love and lover of Allah
    Assalaamu Alaika yaa rasuulullahi; The most handsome
    The most generous, The most kind.
    Love to me yaa rasuulullahi, is when I feel you so close in the shadows of my heart.
    So close like the galaxies in the close proximity.
    I'm dim in your love yaa rasuulullahi
    There seem to be no light for germination
    But your presence opens up my heart like a sweet scented flower.
    I love you ya Rasuulullah!