• robwjeter 6w

    When I first saw her I was awestruck. Her face and hair seemed to have glowed the brightest light. Her beauty caught my tongue and I couldn't speak. Trying to look away but my eyes wouldn't let me do it. Caught in a full stare. She made her way to me, slowly. In my mind it was like a glide. Inching my way. When she got to me, my tounge loosened. Trying as hard as I could to not sound like an idiot. Then that voice. That voice was like the singing rain on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Easily putting at ease all the cares of the world. It was that radiant glow. The glow that took me home to that far away castle in the sky.

    *Written for the Mirakee #firstlook challenge.

    Picture credit to owner. #ceesreposts

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    Radiant Glow