• arowyn 10w

    The Calling of the Twilight

    Weakened grasses of the soil
    Shake with heaven's breeze
    The leaves of the forest beyond
    A nulled collection of orange shades

    The hills of the distance shimmer in purple
    And the effervescent calls of the birds
    They beckon me

    My heart aches for joy of it
    And the clouds above mix with shaded grey
    Of Autumn's twilight

    The darting gleams of fireflies
    And the newborn stars awaken
    A doe gathers her young
    Her eyes are fixed upon me, acknowledging
    My still and enduring form

    I hold her gaze,
    As sunlight's rays of allure die away
    The chorus of night's beginning
    Fills the air with gentle whispers

    My heart will ache for want of it.