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    The feather the sun, and the spirit.

    I'm interested in myself"
    The first one I've ever studied,
    The last one I'll ever know.

    It's me, myself,
    and's I"
    All three of us
    Are just one clear eye.
    we clearly see,
    the mysterious night"
    Pass unseen light.
    That of our Body,
    and that of our spirit,
    and a soul,
    The human,
    it's animals,
    And the inner core.

    Sound so quiet
    When do I quit been loud.
    Lettterlling giving me money amounts
    Whose hasn't had it number spell out a noun.
    The sky is one inch from the floor not miles down

    We, and us, one, too two too then three
    We are a complete mess and that's the truth about me. And you and I.

    Strength, yet we must hold,
    and soon we then let go,
    and still no gold.
    It's a devastating chore.

    But im just getting to know myself
    I'm killer and a dreamer and my body a lifer.
    I need to give and recieve to relief
    And that's very normal to one day relive