• thoughtsofpc 6w

    I've never had to share my home with anyone;
    No visitors, no sleepovers, barely a passer-by.
    I long for someone to stay for a long time
    Preferably forever, but I fear the possibilities of neither.
    The possibility of my home becoming broken,
    The possibility of a fragrance I lose hold of,
    The possibility of my home becoming a wreck after love leaves,
    And as such my home has always been locked.
    The door air tight and closed, the windows shutting out all light.
    I created a transparent window at the uppermost floor
    To have the moon accompany me in lonely nights.
    I view the outside world for a potential partner,
    The weather is cold and chilly, I can feel it with my palms glued to the window pane
    Yet I see a figure standing outside, looking at me.
    She doesn't approach, she just watches me
    Like a snowman, unmoving and frigid.
    She's been there awhile. I want to let her in,
    I open the long shut door slightly and feel a blast of a chilly wind in my face.
    Very cold. My fear grips me again. To ignore or not to.
    I don't want to regret, but either choices are laced with it,
    I don't know what to do.