• scallywag 30w

    Life is a beautiful journey which begins with love..where you get nurtured in the goodness and divine power of your mother....Then you are nurtured on the beauty of the world...But alas! The beauty the magic is no more...it's getting engulfed or being islanded from the world..Presumptions leave an indelible mark on the delible life..Life is beautiful enjoy its essence...#intoxicating#breathe#relax#life#mirakee#pod#writersnetwork

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    The intoxicating beauty of the nature
    Is getting lost in the debris..
    The humanity is getting lost
    In the the concrete of hatred and jealousy
    The beautiful creak of kindness
    Is getting lost in selfishness
    The scrumptious pied life which was meant to brew the essence of goodness are getting lost drowned in the presumptions hunger....