• jayanandan 4w

    Walk in the woods

    The woods was calling,
    with a distant murmur only she could hear
    Wind was dancing in the morning light,
    like a bride attired in a sparkly veil.

    Walking was her answer,
    into the soothing sounds and depth of silence,
    where the trees tell a thousand stories,
    to the little hearts of wild daisies.

    There the bloom glanced at her gleefully,
    while the chirping birds hummed a sweet symphony
    Fluttering their bluish wings ,danced a swarm of dragonflies
    And the stream laughed showing its silver teeth.

    Dusting all sorrows to the wind,
    She bathed in that stream of light
    Walking in a trance ,deep into the woods
    She vanished as the verses of a beautiful poem.