• storylife 23w

    feelings..... part 2

    i wanted that badly, but i couldn't have it
    i was sad, i faild a class because noone cared about me that time, when i had a break time
    i was popular in that app i was opeining on my phone, i used to like every post so i can get likes back, i was extremely bored, eating my sandwich in my room, suddenly; saw that beautiful picture if someone
    i just couldn't look away
    i don't know what took me away but it was really strange
    i literally was starting for more than 15 minutes til my mom called me, i snapped away and had that feeling in my stomach
    and my eyes started to get watering idk why
    i followed that person
    gosh she was so beautiful
    i liked most of her posts
    waiting everyday to see her online
    just opening that certain app to see her stuff
    i was scared, i wanted to know more about her
    she was cute, smart, educated
    i stalked het more that 1 month and a half
    i was thinking about her all the time
    when i opened that app one time
    i wanted to see her latedt posts, when i found out that she's taken by other girl..
    i was shocked
    i was starring at the wall and thinking
    "i want to be in her place, she's so lucky"
    like that was the thing i needed in my life
    in that very moment i prayed god to be in that place...
    all that happend and the girl didn't know that i existed
    i wanted to talk to her
    but i was to shaky
    i was super weird when i first send her
    "do you like girls?"
    and that was really stupid coz u didn't think
    she replied instantly "yes why?"
    i told her that i was just asking and i noticed that she have a gf
    she was nervous
    after 1 month
    i wanted to hear her voice
    i called her and she answered "hello"
    and that was the most beautiful voice I've ever heard, my heart was pounding
    days passed.....
    after 1 month and a half
    we were best friends, maybe more yeah
    she told me everything about her
    so did i
    i noticed that things with her gf wasn't going well
    i was reallly happy i could jump from a building
    but i couldn't show her, she was sad
    i stood beside her
    i tried to get then back but it didn't work
    after 1 month
    she asked me to be her gf!
    i obviously said yes
    and that time, i was the happiest person in earth
    i felt that feeling in my stomach again
    that missing feeling in my life
    love and care
    passion and desire
    when i looked at her
    there were every thing i wanted to have