• shenelle_seve_512 46w

    "Power of Poetry"

    #When I write about an experience,
    I say, I'm writing a Poem.
    The beauty of words show up,
    When no words stray from my hands.
    Courageously I write, I get a relief,
    Within the Soul and peace of mind.
    The each drop of ink has a reason,
    For my brief future and musical fun.
    The sweet scent of paper towards my lungs.
    Let me to fly out in the sky!
    And, the sadness? No! It teaches me,
    It teaches me the write is my master.
    The Master of my courage, confidence,
    And gives me the Hope of mountains of my dream.
    Shows me the way so, so much sparkling!
    That my eyes blink out excitement.
    Most of all, this is my love, the love,
    That has no betrayals and, only fair.
    Writing is what my power,
    Poetry is what my Power.

    "The Reason of My Life"
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