• ade___ 5w

    Snowflake Hunter

    Sometimes I feel like the world is catching up
    Hot in my trails to catch me in their net.
    Show me off as a rare specimen.
    I fear getting them too close.
    They might click an image.
    Have a mirror reflect me perhaps.
    And I...
    I won't be one, alone, unique anymore.
    I'll be imitated. Cheaply.
    I know what I feel is not mine to keep.
    And that others may share my feelings.
    But it terrifies me, above all
    To be one of the sheep.
    Harvested. Held gently. Fed grass.
    I'll bear, birth it all alone.
    For I need to protect something in it.
    This pregnancy I'm so sure of.
    It grows and I can feel it
    Tearing me apart from within.
    Underneath my skin
    Like a hairless monster.
    I just have to remember.