• _toxisity_ 6w


    You fucking monster
    In the mirror.
    You know me so well.
    You reflect the pieces of me.
    Such intricate and personal things.
    You have the tools to build me.

    And yet you decide to break me.

    Those last two little words.
    And you the keeper of my caged heart
    Pull the first jenga block
    That sends me topping over.
    That shatters my mirror.

    I see you now. For what you are.

    Little shards of glass stab into my feet.
    Digging deep into my thighs as I fall to the floor.
    As swiftly as my soft tears flow
    My blood weaves its way through the maze of glass.

    I spit and choke on the truth you force me to swallow.
    It does not settle well.
    I look to the broken mirror to find reassurance.
    And there is none.
    There is only me.
    A pile of glass.
    A puddle of blood
    And a broken mirror.

    There is only me.