• rohini312 35w

    On the edge of the mountain we stand..
    Wrapping her arms in my hand..

    I bend forward to look into her eyes..
    To see if i still get butterflies..

    For this might be our last meet..
    I take an moment to rewind our high school street ..
    pausing our first meet...

    Life since then has been an surprise plot
    Illness made my brain jolt..

    Had her by my side throughout my illness,
    Patiently handling all my madness..

    Seen my pain through her eyes
    " I am fine "was my favorite lies..

    More the days were short ..
    More closer we became at heart.

    She came into my life just to share my struggles..
    To help me cross all my hurdles..

    As My heart craves to walk a bit longer...
    Holding her hands much stronger.
    I see myself helpless standing besides her at edge of the mountain..

    Not all stories are faiytales!!! ♥♥♥