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    Harvesting is the process of gathering a ripe crop from the fields.
    In India festivals have always been the most memorable and favorite part.
    Being the colorful nation that India is ,the most vibrant "harvest festivals of India", involve interesting mythological legends and joyous celebrations. 
    They are as incredible and diverse as its people and landscapes and let you experience the beauty of the Indian culture.
    However, dates for harvest festivals in different parts of the country vary due to diversity in climate.
    Harvest festival is celeberated with different names all around the country.
    Though names and dates vary, the concept remains same.
    Wishing all a happy and prosperous Onam.������
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    During the time of harvest,
    Every farmers hearts dance with joy.
    Each drop of their sweat, is converted into sweet fruit.
    As the rain showers its drops like pearls.
    As the earth soaks these drops and reaps pearl like crops.
    The plough, which was left in the corner, all this while, moves forward.
    As the hunger has been quenched, the doors of prosperity open.
    The sun doesn't burn and shines pleasantly,
    It slowly soaks the body of the fresh sprouts.
    The excited crops ready for harvest sway in joy in its light.
    As the grains fill the house the farmers sing and dance in joy.