• shweta_as 6w

    Leaving the world behind,
    escaping like a drip,
    Two lovers went,
    On a holiday trip..

    The girl looked overjoyed,
    With a tint of anxiety on her face,
    Concealing his fear, the boy
    assured to protect her from every mess..

    At the outskirt,
    they sat by the beach,
    They heaved a sigh, as now
    they were out from everyone's reach..

    They held hands,
    but without a fear,
    Smiling to each other,
    they shedded a tear..

    The day said goodbye,
    presenting them the night,
    The boy fell weak in knee,
    seeing his girl dressed in white..

    Neither could she take her eyes off of him,
    nor could he off of her,
    exchange of their hearts wasn't as err..

    Just the soft music,
    Cool wind and the clear sky,
    none was there to question,
    their love, how and why!

    They danced with a look,
    straight in the eye,
    Love between them, made
    even the heavenly bodies shy.