• i_am_pharteemarh 6w


    I have promise to be cool
    avoiding the jungle of the sore
    which gives nothing
    but pain all in the flesh

    Amidst of ocean
    lost is my soul
    for the sake of love
    that can't be ignored
    because the heart already melts

    Lost in a compassionate caring
    which predispose me to reality
    how great is to love
    while carried away by two
    hiding no fact

    Gradually, it moves
    the affection blew
    surface of the earth round
    without a stopping on it
    freely it breeze

    Suddenly came a blade
    cut off the knot
    giving no notice
    everything goes separately

    Heart broke into pieces
    covered up with blood
    in it placing flesh
    different ways it goes

    All day, staying alone
    couldn't help but to cry
    uncontrollably it flows down the cheek
    like a salty water
    from the Owu Fall it comes

    Looking up at the sky
    which seems to be blue
    red it all appears
    Up and down the eyes blink
    eyelashes went on soaked
    for the bitter experience

    Shadow left all alone
    Overlooking the moon of the night
    left me not but in reddish mood
    that gives neither joy nor happiness but unhealed wound
    which gives no cure for it bleeding