• bonniesbabu 5w

    One too many melancholy reflections do I have,
    Of the times when life wasn't confusing.
    Times of work and times of play
    Times when time stopped and we had a moment.
    Fate came to intervene,
    She said that it was not something I deserved.
    Unforeseen circumstances came into action
    And reality was a tight slap in the face.
    Good things have to end,
    And the book needed to be shut.
    The story was over
    The fairytale was not meant for me.
    Sadly, I am not allowed to have good things
    I am not allowed to have good relationships.
    As the saying goes,
    If it feels like it's too good to be true,
    Then it is not to come to fruition.
    Melancholic moments I will have,
    Thankfully, although it hurts, the memories were good.