• rashirai09 10w

    Oh heart

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    Oh heart ,
    Aren’t you tired of looking for the
    Just like the little birds are looking
    For the food
    How many times you realise,
    You forgot eyes speak the real lies
    Are you in pain?
    Oh the clouds and the sky are
    Always insane !

    Oh heart,
    We cried and cried and cried,
    Maybe the cages of the ribs are
    Tired .
    Do you remember the kisses
    We shared ,
    Think of the unwanted prayers
    We prayed.
    He was like the lost words ,
    Do you still imagine He coming
    With a sword .

    Oh heart,
    What about the fireflies you
    Saw that night ,
    And you still escape a beat on
    his sight.
    How beautiful is the moonlight,
    Have you ever thought about
    Touching the sunlight.
    Oh heart, we really are too young
    Living a life is too long