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    #No #Boundaries

    Say no without apology” - Melanie Dewberry takeway quote from Sanity & Self on Healthy Boundaries

    When did it became unacceptable to many of us to simple say no when necessary? So let’s continue to embrace a courageous necessary NO when needed without an excessive apology following behind it.

    Even if I have to keep reminding myself.
    No. I no longer sorry if I do.

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    I’m no longer sorry,
    for not always knowing
    the simplest of answers.
    I’ll know if I too ashamed
    to inquire.

    I’m no longer sorry,
    if I think outside the box
    in a circular world.

    I’m no longer sorry,
    for being a quite different
    story than you thought
    you’ve read.

    I’m no longer sorry,
    for finally finding my words
    in lines and verses of poetry
    that don’t always relate.

    I’m no longer sorry,
    at times as now,
    I have to remind myself.
    NO is a stand alone sentence that
    I have the right to feel and say.

    N O simply two letters
    yet powerful as dynamite,
    blasting through personal fears
    dealing with others
    even ourselves.