• jamaree_writes_poetry 10w

    The Independent Woman (Part 2)

    Having those sleepless nights clutching her baby always telling herself, "What did I do to ever deserve this Pain?",
    Wanting to end it all by letting that blood run and go down that Drain,
    But she made a promise to her little one that she will do whatever it Takes,
    Also to make sure to get out of this horrible nightmare and to learn from her Mistakes,
    One day she finally has had enough and has garnered up that strength she's always Had,
    Reporting the neglect and destruction that he has been causuing to her life and her little one to the police as she a sense of relief and is Glad,
    He gets arrested and taken away and is being punished for all that he has Done,
    Now she feels like she is in the winner circle with this victory she has achieved and Won,
    Few years goes by and her little one has grown a bit Older,
    She is so happy that the weight is off of her shoulders as she finally has crushed that huge Boulder,
    Feeling so much healthier as she is in such a whole better Place,
    Working and grinding for her little one and is grateful for life with that huge smile on her Face,
    Doing things she never she would be able as starts to show how she is so Transcendent,
    Looking back on the past on all she has been through with her little one as she begins to love herself more and embraces being so Independent ..."