• atulya_shah 6w

    "Spirit of Sangli City"

    Today I can say with Pride , that I am a proud Sanglikar looking at the spirit of city to Rise again.
    Krishna River flooded, and 2019 flood was much more massive than the 2005 flood! So many people, Rich or Poor had to leave their homes..and are still worried about what will be the condition of their houses when they return back! But in such time we are standing strong as a city , we are helping in any which way possible, people are going to rescue and even provide supplies to the people stuck...Many people are helping by providing shelter, food and anything needed to the flood victims...the near by help centres are flooded with help, people are donating everything possible.... Almost every Sanglikar sympathises with the ones who lost their homes and is trying to help them in every way possible..that is the spirit of our city. People who themselves are flood victims and have shifted somewhere else are coming and donating stuff for people at help centres, that is the spirit of our city. Our local boys and men are arranging boats and going out and helping the people stuck , that is the spirit of our city . Students who's hometown is in Sangli but they are presently not here have arranged collection drives in that city And have collected stuff to donate to flood victims, that is the spirit of our city. A man rescues a small monkey , another man rescues street dogs without any hesitation carries the dog on his back , that is the spirit of our city! Army and NDRF have rescued so many people, our local boys are going out for help too, that is the spirit of our city..With such people around Sangli will Rise again and Rise stronger
    -Atulya Shah