• khu_56 9w

    To someone,

    Can you ask me??
    My all those unlighted secrets,
    My all those intense scars,

    Can you want to know that??
    My all those strongest lies,
    My all those weakest truths,

    Can you feel them for me??
    My all those biggest fears,
    My all those smallest tears,

    Sit with me and asks everything,
    Don't say me a NO
    Please don't..!

    What if,
    You are my last chance
    What if,
    You are my last hope
    What if,
    You are my first and last love
    What if,
    This is my last breathe

    Before this last breathe,
    I want to cry aloud in your arms,
    I want to reveal everything in front of you,

    I want to free from my DEMONS,
    I want to fill void with MOMENTS,

    I want to find the broken piece of my SOUL,
    I want to make myself once again WHOLE...!!