• lettersbyace 5w

    Wounded from the past
    Scar been left in my chest
    Healed through the years
    A promise has been created

    A promise for myself
    To protect and guard my fragile heart
    Throughout the years no one had the chance to break the ice
    But there's someone who came like a fire; it's YOU

    You came like a fire without a warning
    You melted the frosted ice
    I got scared because I know what impact can someone can do to me once I let them in again
    But you made me brave enough to take the risk; for YOU

    A journey that's not easy to take
    Yet my LOVE for you made it easier for me
    A journey that's still looking for a purpose and value
    At some point, I got tired.
    A journey that needs a pause & break to breathe
    To continue the path that is worth feeling for; because of YOU.

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    Came Like A Fire