• dreamy_eyes 5w

    For the people who leave without even caring to give a reason or bid goodbye!��
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    You left without a closure,
    Leaving behind some loose ends,
    Which generates so much confusion,
    Growing into wilderness each day,
    Thriving on assumptious thoughts,
    Like a stranger in need to be found,
    The sun of your fading memories rises,
    Only to drown back in endless horizon,
    As emotions flood in every moment,
    That reminds me of your existence,
    Somewhere far where the sea stops,
    And sand captures your footprints,
    Leading away from me in the shadows,
    Where you want to live now hidden,
    As your heart burns my thoughts to ashes,
    To draw a never-ending curtain between us,
    Yet the unknown reason of your spontaneous exit,
    Will come to haunt me as this night passes!