• theoneinaminion 22w

    The poem is regarding the masks we wear to obscure our vulnerabilities. The first stanza is about how someone realises that the world has two kinds of people.
    1. The ones put on masks to mask their fears i.e. mask for fear
    2. The ones who put on masks to scare people so that they wouldn't be harmed i.e. masks to fear

    The 2nd stanza is about the different ways in which one might mask what's true. Being lost in a tune to escape from gloominess is what a few do rather than eradicating the gloominess as a whole. Some smile to obscure their fright. And some throw temper tantrums to make sure that others don't notice other less visible stuff like insecurities etc.

    The final paragraph is the realisation of depth to which these masks have melted into our faces. And since most of us have lived through the life wearing these masks, we have lost our true selves. Thus, when we separate the mask from our faces, we will ultimately find nothing left of our real selves. Meaning our life is one big masquerade.

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    Walking down a path unclear,
    I found that no face was left bare.
    A mask for fear, a mask to fear,
    I saw the layers everywhere.

    A tune to cloak your mood so bleak,
    A vacant smile to veil the scare.
    A tantrum to obscure insecurities seated deep,
    Living in denial, deferring the inevitable despair.

    The realisation dawned birthing a tepid state,
    I struggled while taking the mask off my face.
    The mirror reflected back, to my ill-fate,
    Staring at me was nothing but an empty space.