• frommyview 22w

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    Behind me the sun was sliding down the mountains and it's shadow in order to overtake me..
    I was on my way to home..
    A deep Bt breathless silence overtook the sky..
    I with my earphones plugged in.... Moved down the slopy cuts of my street.. Streetlights prevented their streets to drown in deep darkness Unlike the sun who just left
    The sky alone Bt with a lot of stars..
    Street was lined with a lot of cars representing the class of the owner..
    Being my hobby I was just checking out.. The symbols on car.. Defining their company...
    Hard foot steps running desperately towards me.. Disturbed me..
    A 6 feet tall guy in pair of ablack pants and a white hooded sweatshirt with hairs dancing on his fair forehead... Was running furiously towards me...