• jerrilusco 23w

    The Friendships

    The Night has been my bestfriend for as long as I can remember. Since my childhood, through my teen years, and in my adulthood.

    But as I've gotten older, the Night introduced me to her other friends. All of which, greeted me and befriended me just like she had.

    Overthinking. She was tall and thin. She would always worry and fret over the smallest things. Constantly wondering if she made the wrong move.

    Restlessness. He was strong and muscular. However, he had low energy and he seemed to always be bothered by something but never knew what it was.

    Worry. An elderly man. He would come and sit next to Overthinking and tell stories of his younger days. He always says he wished to change things.

    Sadness. Probably the most beautiful of all Nights friends. She was deep and sincere. But she was always low energy and tear stained.

    And somehow among all Nights friends, I realized. That I was one of her friends too.

    My name?


    "The Friendships"
    Jerri Lusco
    July 4, 2018