• the_wallflower_thoughts 26w

    The old man

    I saw a helpless old man
    Lying without a blanket
    In the hospital bed
    His eyes telling a poignant tale
    Of Hope and abandonment

    He has no clue about his whereabouts
    And neither does he remember
    The address of his home
    Shivering in the cold
    Yet afraid to ask
    Even for the blanket

    He lives with his daughter
    A frail woman herself
    Who has her own woes
    And two young ones
    Whom she must look after herself

    She cries endlessly
    When confronted by others
    How could she , after all
    Leave her father by himself?

    She is a prisoner
    Of her own worries
    Crying her eyes out
    About the children
    Standing in the rain
    Drenched in the water
    Without food or her
    All because she was
    In the hospital
    Tending to her father
    Changing his diapers
    While others move away
    Disgusted by the shitty smell

    All I could say was
    God will guide you
    In this troublesome time
    And prayed to God
    To grant her strength
    To take care of him
    As he had done
    When she was a child...