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    Book tag #salicilade

    Chaol gets up with a sharp pain in his head. He looks around trying to figure out where he is. Suddenly sharp light enters in the room.
    Chaol covers his eyes being in dark for so long his eyes are unable to adjust in that sharp light.

    "Finally you are up " says a manly voice
    'Why have you kept me captive here? Please i request you let me go, i came here for a purpose please' urges chaol to the man whose shadow appears on the wall.

    "we'll let you just a little slit on the throat and it will be all over " laughs that man slowly entering into the dingy cabin.
    He holds chaol by the collar almost dragging him out of the cabin. Chaol tries to get himself free from that mans clutches but unables to.

    Finally he stops letting the man do what he wishes. Within fraction of seconds he's in broad day light.
    " So take it easy it won't take long to slit that bloody throat of yours" says the man .
    Chaol turns his face towards the man and is shaken up to see his own father standing in front of him with knife in hand ready to slit his throat up.........

    What will happen next?? What will chaol do?
    Will he speak something or justify himself??

    To be continued

    Guys next part will be out soon sorry for being so late

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