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    O king of all the deities !
    You are a great warrior, who fights against all the dark entities.

    You bring storms, rains and lightning using your thunderbolt;
    Your fury causes all the heavens to jolt.

    Your are the bringer of light;
    You have a great might.

    You bless everyone with inner strength and fertility;
    You always represent order, peace and stability.

    That roar of the thunder in the clouds seems as if, a huge cavalry is violently approaching me for a battle;
    Oh lord ! You are also the guardian of forests and cattle.

    Oh god of this world ! You continue to rule this realm with your different incarnations;
    You maintain peace by uniting all the nations.

    Oh king ! Bless me with your wisdom;
    Destroy all the worldly chaos and establish your godly kingdom.


    This poem is about a 'thunder deity'. Thunder deities can be found in various mythologies. In many religions and mythologies, they are considered as the kings of all the deities. They are usually associated with storms, rains, lightning, thunder, fertility and war. In ancient times, they were worshipped by many cultures and civilizations. Here are some of the thunder deities : Zeus(Greek mythology), Jupiter(Roman mythology), Thor(Norse mythology), Perun(Slavic mythology), Hadad(various Mesopotamian mythologies) , Baal(Semitic, Canaanite and Ugaritic mythologies), Teshub(Hurrian mythology), Taru(Hattic mythology), Tarhunna(Hittite mythology), Marduk(Babylonian mythology), Raijin(Japanese mythology), Taranis(Celtic mythology), Perkwunos(Proto Indo-European mythologies), Perkunas(Baltic mythology), Indra(Indian mythology) and many more. I hope you all like this poem. Do mention your opinions in the comment section.

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