• heyitslexi 5w

    A Dark Chapter

    I'm numb,
    With my heart in my hands,
    I wish you were here to ease my pain,
    To keep me sane,
    I'm stuck between worlds,
    Being pushed and pulled,
    I've suffered because of this cycle,
    Because of this routine,
    It has done a number on me,
    While craving my kind of poison,
    Wishing to taste such bitterness on my silver tongue,
    I wish such bitterness would course through my veins,
    But I am afraid of falling in love with such poison,
    I'm afraid once I start,
    I'll never stop,
    I hate feeling like this,
    They tell me I'm strong,
    But I'm nothing,
    If anything I'm the toxicity you suffocate on but fall in love with overtime,
    The darkest parts of me yearn for me to let them loose,
    But the moment I do,
    I won't be the same..PT.1-L.