• thefreefirefly 5w

    Unlucky but blessed

    Blessed is she who feels the rain
    fall upon her hair today
    blessed is she who wakes up late
    travel through the lights and smokes, unsafe

    Blessed be the rocks that'll come her way
    blessed be ground that'll cause her pain
    blessed be the man who'll offer hand
    blessed is she who'll take that hand

    And she will be caught off her guard
    when she realizes and make a sound

    Blessed i am to feel the rain
    see it falling down like silver cascades
    I can feel the sun from behind clouds
    A rainbow in the making soon is out and

    Ain't this the perfect time to slow down time
    look at all these wonders play with rhymes
    Didn't you know what defines love best
    'cause looked i've been unlucky but i'm blessed

    Sometimes it feels like it's just another day
    to stretch and stress your mind but come what may
    someday you'll feel your heart soon it'll jump
    oh, blessed are you who'll fall in love

    'Cause you will be caught off your guard
    when you realize it and thank above

    Blessed i am to feel this way
    discovering the things that could not fade
    i could feel my heart it beats inside
    feeling tired and crazy means i'm alive

    ain't this a perfect time to sing a song
    of happiness and thank you to my Lord
    i have just learned what defines love best
    'cause i've been unlucky but i'm blessed

    I feel good
    through wet socks and cold chills from the bus
    i feel safe
    through the crowds and though cars could crash

    i feel You.