• theseeker1479 10w

    The Little Seedling

    The little seedling opened its eyes and yawned, looking up in awe at the vast blue sea extending above its tiny green head.

    It gazed thoughtfully at the mother earth caressing its feet, filled with rich minerals to savour and swayed gleefully with the wind as the first drop of water fell, on top of it, and and it continued to drizzle for a while, until the little seedling couldn't keep its head towards the sky.

    It stole a glance at all it's beautiful and gigantic brothers and sisters besides it and wondered where it's parents were...it felt all alone even among so many of its kind.

    The old banyan tree behind it stooped low and rustled it's enormous branches, as if to tell the little seedling that it wasn't on its own.

    The seedling glanced at the old tree and smiled, for it knew. It was going to grow up to be a magnificent tree just like the old but loving banyan.

    For it had the courage to dream.