• nirvana27cr 10w


    I really love you
    but you tore me apart
    but for what it's all worth,
    you gave me your heart.

    I kept it in a snowglobe,
    and shook it so it raced,
    back and forth,
    the sparkles danced away.

    the risks I took for you,
    were unbearably cruel,
    to myself and my status
    that dropped like old fuel.

    the snowglobe of heart
    that you gave was fragile,
    I couldn't let it break.
    I kept it locked inside my chest,
    beside mine, that was a bitter
    sweet mess.

    though i wish you had kept mine safe,
    it shattered to the ground and
    i still forgave.
    i tried to forget
    but it keeps returning
    like waves in my stomach
    that keeps on churning.

    my emotions are now mixed
    of determined anger and
    passionate love.
    passionate determination
    soars like a dove.

    all my strings are attached,
    because all of my secrets,
    cannot seem to detach.