• mikk28 4w

    But those messages never reached you but am on verge of exploding.

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    I wrote some messages

    To tell how much bad I am doing and how much I need you for making conversation though a small one.
    I want to speak truth about myself that I am not goofy and funny that I am pretending. I want to speak the truth that what's actually going on around me.
    In every 3 days I write you a long message to say all the truth
    Sometimes I don't send it or sometimes I unsend it
    I don't know whether you notice or not, probably not and it's not your fault why you will know about me and you also have lot of things moving around you.
    I don't know why but I am not able to speak actually I don't wanna speak to anyone about the truth besides you, I tried but at the end nothing suceeded.
    You probably might be happy before reading this and like always I ruined it.