• jade_sj 4w


    When evening oranges dissolves the peaks, only a single incessant melody resonates through my mind. It may fade away from my mind with time, but my heart at the mere thought of fading, burns up. When I look for the reason-

    In the utmost silence of my life, he was a poem; to my rusted heart, he was an illusion; to my restless eyes, he was a destination where they could rest till eternity.
    Initial winters used to be my favorite for those trench coats and warm meals. Every day I sat in my former house at the corner of my bed with a cup of coffee.

    The amount of eagerness to rest my hand upon his was much more than the desire to live and the amount of reluctance in my eyes while leaving him was much more than the blues in his eyes.

    Every evening he came indifferently, ringing my doorbell, entering my house and then reaching my heart. It was always at the same time. He was never late or early. He was punctual unlike my sleep. There were many things that we shared as common. But his art of owning his heart was something I could never learn.

    The joy of his nearness was equivalent to the scent of thousands of jasmines in their full bloom. But little did my heart know that this joy was not my destiny for long.

    I still see him sometimes, wearing a winter coat and his blue eyes glistening like a forbidden gem. And then a piercing question comes across my mind, was he ever mine?
    - JADE


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