• anu6388 5w

    This is for all the time i wanted to scream out I was not fine but i said softly "I am fine".
    From the day i met you i started to feel butterflies in my belly i felt something that touched my heart. Your sparkling eyes,frizzy hair and warm heart had melted me. But time always turns out to be as worst as it always is. The day you told me you were leaving, i just wanted to hold your hands,let my heart fall for you again and just pause. And with a tear rolling down through my cheeks i wanted to tell you to stay and not go. I wanted you to hold my hands and after we grow old,repeat the same crazy things we did together. All these were just in my mind but all i said was, I am fine. So here i am to tell you that i will always be fine with your happiness. But all that will in my mind when i say i am fine is ;; Its hard to let go but you never know all you know is i am fine and will remain so.
    - Anugya