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    love war life

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    Love, Life & War

    I've loved, I've laughed, I've hated, I've debated, what is life?.
    What's it's purpose? To go through pain only to be stronger, but why?.
    To laugh only to cry years down the road?.
    To find your soulmate and have your heart crushed but rebuild it as time goes on?.
    What is life, I've asked myself this so many times and so many times I've found a different answer.
    There Is no answer, there is no purpose, we paint a pretty picture and pray it comes true.
    When the reality of it all is that, We make a purpose, We found that soulmate, or best friend, or live alone, we cry those tears or laugh till we fall on our stomachs laughing.
    We make the most of it, the good and the bad. That is the perfectly perfect reality of life, love and the war within it.