• a_poetic_connection 9w

    Kho gaye hum kahaa

    If I only knew, It was the last time that I was meeting you ..
    Would had hugged you a little tighter like pooh..

    If I only knew, Times would turn grey and not blue
    Would had sat for hours and stare at you..

    If I only knew, It was our last hot chocolate together
    Would had called for 4 more cups rather..

    If I only knew, Your absence makes my heart beat faster
    Without you, even in the kitchen I don't want to be the master..

    Dressing up and putting on makeup, is not the same anymore
    Knowing that the days of staying at home are going to extend a little bit more..

    Had I known this earlier, would had tucked you in a blanket, brought you here & kept you closer..

    Would have been your tugging shoulder
    The nights would be a lil tipsy & the days all sober!!

    But here we are, talking on video calls, selfies turned screen shots
    Online ludo has taken some time slots..

    Cooking, baking, having some jamming up sessions
    How to love in a long distance, This lockdown has taught us that lesson..

    Had I known this earlier, The visit to the beach would had been a little longer
    I would had clutched your hand a little more stronger..❤