• penny_love 6w


    Masked are rights tounged
    wronged in voices outed loud
    who aborts choice
    forces open ports
    in brains growth deficiency
    Upon the throat chokes abuse
    Pimps who have vaginal issues primed
    amongst their owed penile discomforts
    profitable where all the vile discretions
    They themselves now sleep to unsavory
    Courting not on just
    Any street
    A jailed house free
    Off they tender not go
    Far from home
    Restorations not the blood
    Lacked in reforming

    Rape was simple
    complicated by anyone
    Gutlessly joked about into
    pestering stalkers unknown
    Innocence and girls
    Violations accusing aid
    I dont and wont bet on H
    for H stands for
    who what when how why
    but all those cares

    To those who have
    in or by chance
    successful conviction
    My dad is One
    My mother is No-One
    How about Yours

    I am not the One

    to lie
    to truth
    to trust
    to grow
    to live
    to love
    to kill
    to die